This Months Reads {March 2015 Wrap up}

Tuesday, March 31, 2015
The Forbidden Men series by Linda Kage
There are currently five books in this series, the fifth one was just released so I haven't finished that one yet. So far, I absolutely love this series. Each story is different but incredible and I absolutely love it's characters. These books have made it into my favorites list. That'a how flipping awesome they are.
Characters: Reese & Mason♥
Rating: 4/5 Stars
Characters: Aspen & Noel♥
Rating: 4/5 Stars
Characters: Eva & Pick♥
Rating: 5/5 Stars
Characters: Quinn & Zoey♥
Rating: 5/5 Stars

More books under the cut.

The Until series by Aurora Rose Reynolds
This is the series to read if you love Alpha males basically. Although I feel as if the heroines in this series could use more of a backbone. It was an okay read in the end. I liked the guys- whenever these brothers got together in the same room, it was hilarious how much they loved to fuck with each other. The only  thing I really didn't like was how fast paced the entire story was for each book. Manwhore meets girl and she's automatically 'the one'. He wants her, he gets her, they move in together and have their happily ever after. The stories were a bit predictable but different enough from each other to make them interesting. 
Characters: Asher & November
Characters: Trevor & Liz
Characters: Cash & Lilly
Characters: Nico & Sophie
All four of these books rated: 3/5 stars.
The Explosive series by Tessa Teevan
This series had literally everything I loved in books. The men were mouth watering but the GIRLS. They were BADASS. They weren't the usual place mats that did whatever the guy said whenever they said it. They knew when to stand up for themselves and they knew when to remain quiet. I loved when the whole gang got together. It was funny and playful and just awesome. I loved the first book because who doesn't love second chances at love. I just loved them all okay. These books are also in my favorites and there is a fifth book coming out soon! ♥
Characters: Jace & Lexi♥
Rating:4/5 Stars
Characters: Knox & Charlie♥
Rating:5/5 Stars
Characters: Kale & Lucy♥
Rating:5/5 Stars
Characters: Xavier & Kalli♥
Rating:4/5 Stars
Fifth book coming June! ☺
The Wellington series by Tessa Teevan
This series involves most of the same characters in the Explosive series. It focuses on the Wellington boys finding their loves, now, Knox from the Explosive series is also a wellington so this series focuses on his brothers. I was excited for this because we meet Cohen (book #1) in Incinerate because he's taking care of his injured brother and from the little we got of him, he seemed like a fun character. However, the story is completely different with Branson, who had a falling out with Knox over a girl ten years ago and he is now trying to redeem himself. I read the previous series and obviously, disliked him. Then again, reading his story and getting to see his side to the story made me understand him more and I ended up really enjoying his book as well. The fact that the men on these covers are smoking just made it better.
Characters: Cohen & Andi♥
Rating:5/5 Stars
Characters: Branson & Ari♥
Rating:4/5 Stars
Book #3 (Shane's story) coming soon! ☺

The Defiant MC series by Cora Brent
I have read so many of Cora's books and loved them all but I had a different experience with this series. Maybe it was the fact that I didn't like the idea of being in a relationship with somebody that was old enough to be my dad. That just kind of threw me for a loop. The second book- I did like. It was actually really nice. The third was just.......weird. It was like two stories in one and I wasn't a fan of that either so I found myself skimming through practically the whole book. I think I will just stick to her other books from now on. I love her as an author but this series wasn't what I expected at all.
Characters: Orion & Kira
Rating: 3/5 Stars
Characters: Grayson & Promise
Rating: 4/5 Stars
Characters: Maddox & Gabby (Mostly)
Rating: 2/5 stars.

By Any Other Name by J.M. Darhower 
I liked this book a lot more than I thought I would. I have always been a bit facinated by mafiac and gangs and the rivalries that come with them. There is something about forbidden love novels that kind of draw me in. I loved this book and the ending was just freaking mindblowing. If it wasn't for the fact that there will be a second book, I would be flipping out. I can't wait to see what happens next. This book and it's characters kept me on my toes wondering what was going to happen next.
Characters: Mattie & Genna♥
Rating:5/5 Stars

When I Fall by J. Daniels
Alabama Summer series book #3
I love J. Daniels like a fat kid loves cake. I love this series just as much. We meet Reed in the first book of this series. He was crude and hilarious and I instantly loved him for it. Then again, you have to be crude and hilarious if you're going to be Tessa Kelly's best's mandatory. Reeds story was freaking great. I loved every single page in this book and the more I read, the more I didn't want it to end, I just couldn't put it down. Beth was perfect for Reed and they balanced each other out so well. She was just what he needed. ☺
Characters: Reed & Beth♥♥
Rating: 5/5 Stars.
Check out the rest of the books from this awesome series.
Book #1: Where I Belong (Ben & Mia's story)
Book #2: All I Want (Luke & Tessa's story)
Book #4 (CJ's story) is coming out soon! ☺

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