Review: Everything by Melissa Pearl

Friday, April 17, 2015
*Note: This is book #3 in the Songbird series.

Synopsis: Jody Pritchett had a dream...but life had other plans. Instead of singing and dancing on Broadway, Jody's a twenty-year-old single mom, living at home with her disapproving father and overbearing sister. The choice to keep her little Angelia came with a high price and although she adores her baby girl, it doesn't take away the sting of kissing goodbye her chance at a career on the stage.

Leo Sinclair had his own dream...but got lost along the way. After a failed marriage that left him hollow and downtrodden, the Australian songwriter wonders what joy his future could possibly hold. Encouraged by the one family member who doesn't think he's a failure, Leo decides to stop living the life everyone expects him to and start chasing his dreams again. 
When the perfect opportunity comes knocking, Leo leaves Australia behind and hops a flight to LA. With his sights set on selling a musical to a Broadway producer, Leo is determined to finally realize his life-long dream. But life gets in the way again, when he spots a young mother outside his apartment in tears. He never realized how one person, one voice, and one Angel could have him contemplating abandoning his dreams once again. 

As these two burned hearts wrestle to overcome their past struggles, Leo and Jody must decide what dreams are worth clinging to...because, sometimes, everything you want is not everything you need. 

My Review
Everything is a beautiful story of two people who wanted to reach their goals of sharing their love for theatrics and music with the world. Even though they both had an idea of exactly what they wanted in life, sometimes everything doesn't work out the way we planned. Sometimes it may get messy and it may seem hard but in the end, it might just be better than anything we ever planned. I love how they connected over music and how much that added to the story. I have always loved books that involved music.

This book taught me that there are millions of roads to take in order to reach your dreams. Some may take longer, but all that matters is that one day you'll get there. All you have to do is work for it, dont give up o it and it'll happen. People may not always like what you do in order to reach your goals. They may try to discourage you and hold you back- but you have to stand your ground and stick to what makes you happy because in the end, it's your life and it's your happiness on the line.

I have always believed that music is the best form of communication. There is a song for every mood. There is a band or some lyrics that get you like nothing and nobody else can. Leo showed this in the story, e knew just what song to play when Jody needed it most and it was always perfect for the situation at hand. I feel like music is just something that gets you and draws you into it. Music can heal you when everything else fails to do so. It brightens moments and changes lives. I think that's the best part about it. I think music is so important in our lives. This book shows just how important music is.

This story was just beautiful and as you can see, there is a lot to learn from it. I liked the characters and I liked how smoothly everything went on. I liked how the each encouraged the other to pursue their dreams and they truly wanted the best for each other. There was a real connection between characters and I loved them together. Their relationship was effortless, they just clicked since the first time they met and the understood each other so well. I really liked this book.

*ARC Provided by author via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

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