Review: Ties by K.A. Robinson

Friday, April 17, 2015

Shattered Ties &
 Twisted Ties

By K.A. Robinson


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My Review:

This series focuses on Emma & Jesse. Emma is the towns rich girl and the schools golden sweetheart. Jesse, on the other hand, has grown up his whole life being referred to as trailer-trash. He's constantly looked down upon until he wins a scholarship one day to the school Emma attends. Although he may not be rich and popular, he's brilliantly smart and insanely hot. People actually begin paying him attention once he wins the scholarship- and for once in his life, it's not all trash talk. 

In the first book, the story revolved more around the characters getting together and falling for one another. Their story was cute and I liked seeing them get closer and closer. They started to see each other as more than what they were raised to think of one another. Jesse was raised angry at the rich people who made him feel inferior and Emma's mother was a tough woman to please. Everything had to be in order and impeccable with her- needless to say she was tough dealing with. The story was actually cute and fun to read as it progressed. However, I was left with my jaw on the grown with that cliffhanger.

In the second book, shit got real. Things got so real I had to stop reading the book sometimes to get my stuff together because I was losing it. My heart was beating so hard against my chest. At times I wished it was a movie because reading takes a lot more time to watch it all come together and then THE SCENE. The climax of this book had me on the edge of my seat. I wanted to grab Emma and wrap a blanket around her, sit her near a fire and feed her soup. Well- that's just how intense it was for me. I may be over reacting but everything was just so unexpected but perfect for the story.

This book was insane. It was so different from what I usually read but that's a good thing. It was never predictable although I had already guessed some things. I would have never expected anything that happened in this book to actually happen. I'm still not over how good it was to be honest. It sure as hell was twisted, that's all I can say without spoiling it for anyone. All that's left to say is- if you haven't read these books, I HIGHLY recommend them.

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