Review: Wicked White by Michelle A. Valentine

Thursday, July 30, 2015

After his mother dies, rock star Ace White—lead singer of the red-hot band Wicked White—is done with the celebrity game. The phony people, the meaningless one-night stands: he doesn’t want any of it anymore. Quitting in the middle of a sold-out tour, Ace sets out to find some place—any place—where he can be alone.

Aspiring singer Iris Easton’s life has never been easy. First, her mother walked out on her when she was a kid. Now she’s buried in debt, weeks after losing her beloved grandmother. When a mysterious and sexy new guy moves in next door, Iris can’t help but be drawn to his soulful gaze. She can tell there’s something from his past haunting him—something he’s not telling her.

Just as Ace starts falling for Iris, the media go on a worldwide hunt to find the missing rocker. Will true love conquer all, or will the truth be the very thing that tears the couple apart?

My Review:
Usually when I read a book about a rock star, it involves a lot of drugs, sex and rock n' roll. Wicked White was a very different and refreshing experience with rock stars. The odds were apparently in my favor and I won an ARC of this book on a giveaway that the author hosted on her page. *high five for me* This is the first book I read by Michelle A. Valentine and I was not disappointed.

Here was this guy who loved music and the soul that came with it and yet loathed his job. Ace was a guy who was just absolutely sick of the life style he lead. He was sick of the band full of guys he didn't even know and couldn't stand. He is in a band with people he doesn't like who don't like him, singing songs he hates and lyrics he doesn't even write. He has all his decisions made by the label and therefore has no creative freedom. His love of music is what made him want to pursue a career in the industry, but this can't be all there is, can it?

When his adoptive mother dies, Ace decides he has had enough. He flips off the band (literally, it was epic) and everybody who is forcing him to be something he doesn't want to be and he goes into hiding. He finally catches a break from people always telling him what to do, wear and say. He can finally just breathe again and hope that the record label and his unbearable manager doesn't find him. All he wanted was a break- but he got much more than that. 

Iris has just lost her grandmother who was the person that raised her. She is now in charge of the trailer park her grandmother ran while still holding on to her dream of becoming a broadway singer. She dreams of making it big and getting to sing her heart out for the world. When these two collide- I loved seeing them get closer and closer. Ace didn't want to, due to the fact that he was on the run and didn't want to get her involved. Now, that's understandable but these two never stood a chance. They were seriously perfect for each other. They connected over their love of music and they continiously learned from each other while falling for each other.

This is a story about your dreams. Sometimes it is not all it is cracked up to be. Sometimes people suck and they will only use you for their own benefit. I loved Ace's character. I loved that he saw what his life was and had the courage to take things into his own hands and say "This isn't the life I want." Sometimes all you really need is a wonderful support group to get you where you need to be. He realized who was there for him and who was there for what he could do for them. It was a really great read and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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