New Release Review: Sweetest Taboo by J. Kenner

Friday, October 14, 2016

Sweetest Taboo by J. Kenner
Book #3 in the S.I.N series
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All eyes are on us . . . and there’s nowhere to run.

Everyone has their own ideas about Dallas Sykes: He’s a reckless billionaire, a devilish playboy, a man who gets whatever he wants the minute he wants it. But I know the real Dallas behind the money, bravado, and power—and he’s completely, blissfully mine.

We carefully guarded our secrets, and in each other’s arms we sought refuge from our dark past. Our pain became our pleasure, our control within the chaos. But we could only hide from the truth for so long.

Now we’ve let loose our inhibitions and are ready to face the future. And no matter what people think or say, coming clean is its own sweet reward.

My Review
Sweetest Taboo is the third and final installment in the S.I.N. series which revolves around Dallas and Jane's forbidden love. Sweetest Taboo is suspenseful, thrilling and will shock you to the core with everything that happens. The series is a little dark and twisty but if you like that kind of thing, you guys are definitely in for a wild ride. The chemistry between the characters was insane and there was nothing that could come between them. Dallas was honestly hot enough to make the reader want to stand in front of a fan.  My god. There was so much happening and the closer I got to the end the more anxious I was to see what would happen and how the series would end. I reallu 

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